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Robert Trent Jones
App Redesign

Alabama's Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is the largest golf course construction project ever attempted.
Dr. David Bronner, CEO of the Retirement Systems of Alabama, wanted to diversify the assets of the state's pension fund and help the state of Alabama.

The Problem
The world of golf is an evolving sport that can get stuck in old ways. The Robert Trent Jones app is a great example of that.
Courses that consist of pure beauty are met with an outdated app that lacks a clear and modern user interface, unclear navigation, and a GPS system that lacks true function.

The Solution
Creating solutions for these problems has given this app new life. This app has more function by designing a new user interface, rethinking the navigation,and building a GPS system that contributes to a better golf game. As a result, it serves a greater purpose
in the user’s life.

RTJ App_Wix Build-22.png
RTJ App_Wiz Build-03.png

Primary Research

I conducted an audit, interviews, and a survey that gave me insight into the existing app. These research methods also showed how existing users felt about current features and their overall feelings toward Robert Trent Jones golf courses.


App audit
The existing app lacks a true purpose. As a result, the app comes off as a pass-through to the website.

Giving as much information to the golfer as possible results in a better round of golf.

User Survey
Users use golf apps differently based on preferences. It’s important to build an app with a little bit of everything.

General Research
Low-end laser range finders can cost anywhere from $100 – $500.

RTJ App_Wiz Build-04.png

User Personas

These four personas aided in the creation of a target user when thinking through different aspects of the app. Once created, I could sort through the existing app and narrow down what was worth keeping.

Research was a major contributor to the creation of these personas. All primary research methods gave me great insight into what a potential user could look like.

(View Personas)


I laid out this site map as a high-level overview of the app. It combines ideas with the basic app structure. To do this, I used information from the user research phase.


Grouped all content into four main categories

Created a play section that holds all features associated with a round of golf

Added a social element by creating a friends list that connects to the play section

User Flow

Understanding the organization of every screen within the app is instrumental in the success of the design phase. This user flow allowed me to see how the app will be interacted with and what steps are needed to complete different tasks.

RTJ App_Wix Build-29.png
RTJ App_Wiz Build-13.png

Design Sketches

The purpose of these sketches was to take the information from the research phase and ideate some possible content.


Understanding the organization of every screen within the app is instrumental in the success of the design phase. This user flow allowed me to see how the app will be interacted with and what steps are needed to complete different tasks.

RTJ App_Wiz Build-10.png
RTJ App_Wix Build-10.png
RTJ App_Wiz Build-12.png

Design Moodboard

Finding inspiration through mood boarding was a major step in creating the final UI. This step allowed me to explore different design directions before committing to one.

Final Designs

These designs are the culmination of this entire process. Each step has added to this project and helped create an app that brings more value and purpose to the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.

RTJ App_Wiz Build-14.png
RTJ App_Wix Build-16.png
RTJ App_Wiz Build-18.png

GPS Screen

RTJ App_Wiz Build-19.png

Home Screen

RTJ App_Wiz Build-20.png

Testing Results

Overall the testing phase showed that each user completed the different tasks with a 70 percent success rate. Both users failed at the same three tasks, with showed me what was difficult for the users to complete.


The home screen provides too many buttons that start a round.

When a user wants to delete the round they are playing; there needs to be clarity between the delete and finish round buttons.

On the play page, the friend list does not look clickable to users.

RTJ App_Wix Build-20.png

Project Learnings

This project taught me so much more about apps and user experience. The first thing I learned was how to design an app. Until I decided to take on this project, I had never designed an app, so it was a goal of mine to learn the fundamentals of app design and put my skills to the test.


This project also strengthened my skills in user research, wireframing, and UI design. One of my biggest takeaways from this project was developing more awareness of the small things. We can easily skip over details like button sizing and icons, but this project showed me the importance of
these details.

Other Work

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