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Conservation Microsite
Website Redesign

This project focused on taking blocks of copy about forest conservation, condensing them, and then turning that copy into a microsite design.

The Problem

The World Wildlife Fund needs a microsite to educate users on the effects of deforestation. Educating is very important to the WWF but ultimately, getting users to donate is a

major goal. 

The Solution

I was able to take the WWF's existing copy and sift through it to create a functional microsite that educates users and empowers them to donate towards the cause.  


I was able to wireframe out all aspects of this microsite. 
These wireframes were very important in understanding
how to convey users to donate as well as being able to educate them.

Conservation Microsite_Wix Build-01.png
Conservation Microsite_Wix Build-04.png
Conservation Microsite_Wix Build-05.png
Conservation Microsite_Wix Build-06.png
Conservation Microsite_Wix Build-07.png


Through this design phase, I used lots of imagery, color, and animations to create an interesting site that accomplishes the project's goals.

Conservation Microsite_Wix Build-08.png
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